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About Us

Founded by Super Bowl XXVI Champion Danny Copeland, COGI Athletic Company Inc. trains athletes for success through sport. Our mission? To provide an excellent Christian training experience. 

What does COGI mean?

COGI stands for Children Of Godly Inheritance. COGI is not just a company, logo, or name. It's indicative of who we are and whose we are.

What do we do?

COGI Athletic Company Inc. is based in Thomasville, GA and includes COGI Athletic Training, COGI Apparel, and Champions Certifications.

COGI Athletic Training is how we serve our community. We provide excellent Christian Training experience daily to help clients win in their personal lives.

COGI Apparel operates with the purpose of developing funding for youth outreach in the form of Christian camps and missions.

Champions Certifications is how we educate. We endeavor to educate and train elite professionals on how to give an excellent Christian training experience. We identify our training professionals based on their commitment to the job (work ethic), commitment to team, commitment to inspiring others and winning in the industry. This is what it means to be a champion in every area of life. Champions Certifications is how we serve the industry and propel our mission forward. 

Meet the Team

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